Rose Quartz Healing Uses

 Jigglypuff High Quality Rose Quartz or Flourite Jigglypuff | Etsy Rose Quartz is a love drawing crystal. It brings loving or harmonious feeling towards you as well as fostering the environment for love to bloom. This crystal is reknown for  healing energy. By building up self love, it enhances your ability to release negative energy. Rose Quartz is calming. When your self love goes up, you become calmer and  help you to possess a peaceful outlook. You can go with the flow much easier. Sleep is improved by the crystal. 

Rose quartz sphere

This healing stone is a protective stone as it repells negative energy. It cleanses the aura from the impacts of negativity and bad habits. Rose Quartz removes self destructive habits or impulses. 

Creativity and kindness energy is a part of the impact of possessing rose quartz. The heart chakra is the source of certain creative impulses which involve beauty such as music, art and dance. Being intuned to the flow of love from the source inspires many artists to create. Love is a strong modivator.

Rose Quartz Pokémon


Some see this crystal as a stone of beauty not only for its impacts on self worth and loving energy, but for its impact on the skin. Many believe that Rose Quartz keeps the skin youthful. There are several companies who use rose quartz in their cosmetic products such as lip gloss, nail polish, highlighters and more. You can buy other beauty tools that are made of this beautiful stone. Love is feeling on a cellular level. The root of many issues stem from a problem involving love. 

Rose Quartz is probably the most popular crystal to be associated with the heart chakra, purifying and opening the heart at all levels both in regards to relationships with others as well as with oneself. The heart chakra brings about loving feelings while bringing about the energetic environment of love.

You will need to cleanse your rose quartz depedning upon how often you use it or how often you feel the desire to cleanse it. I will address cleasning your crystals in another post. 

I personally love Rose Quartz for many reasons. I love the color pink. I love what Rose Quartz represents and I am drawn to its energy. I have used it in many different situtations. in my opinion, every home would be improved with Rose Quartz in it. Good comunication is always fostered wherever this gemstone is present. 

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Angel Aura Rose Quartz

Crystal healing is not meant to be used in place of medical treatment. All information is solely for spiritual purposes and should not be used as medical advice.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer and Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. If you have any questions dm me.

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